Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

There, I Fixed It

...well I hope that this post doesn't get listed here ;)

Anyway, I fixed two things today:

Door Handle

The door handle of my garden door was broken

so I designed on in OpenSCAD

and printed it on a Dimension BST 768 3D printer at the Happy Lab here in Vienna.

Well, I wouldn't call it pretty (actually it's pretty ugly if you ask me) but it works:

You can download all files from Thingiverse

The next thing was the buckle of a bikini of my girlfriend. I designed a replacement in QCAD and used the CO2 laser cutter of the happy lab to cut it out:

so there I fixed it ;)

The design files can be downloaded from Thingiverse.

I think it's kind of funny when you use multi thousand € equipment in order to fix the most simple stuff, but hey, why no?

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